BIA Guardians

“Promote Collingwood as a safe place to work, do business, live shop & enjoy…”

BIA GuardiansThe Collingwood Guardians Program is an initiative undertaken by the Collingwood BIA and Collingwood CPC. The program is aimed not only at reducing and deterring crime in the business areas of Collingwood, but to address other issues such as panhandling, loitering, and suspicious activity. It will involve patrols consisting of Guardians whose duties will include some of the following:

  • Provide assistance contacting appropriate agencies
  • Make and document reports of crime and concerns
  • Establish a presence in the area
  • Respond to specific needs and incidents (e.g., suspicious persons)
  • Offer public assistance such as directions and assist with inquiries

The Guardians will be trained to use various types of equipment in order to conduct their duties effectively. Such equipment includes:

  • Two-way radios to communicate with other Guardians
  • Digital cameras
  • Cell phones
  • First-aid kits

Opportunities as a Guardian include:

  • Working outside
  • Meeting and interacting with new people
  • Helping keep Collingwood safe
  • Improving resumes for aspiring police officers
  • A wage at $19.50/hr

Please contact the Collingwood BIA office (604-639-4403) or Collingwood CPC (604-717-2935) for more information.